Sep 02 2014

War of 1812 Pensions

Today I ran across Pensions for the War of 1812. I was digging through there mostly looking for some record of Robert Sheffield Haviland, born 1796. I haven’t found anything on him yet, well not counting a couple of records saying that he did serve. But no pension record. I am hoping to find out exactly how he came about the land in Havilandsville. Without going to the Court House. In other words, I want to Google that. I do have the Bounty number so I’m tracking that down.

Shew, off topic quick. Anyway, I found something even more interesting. Several Pension records for folks in Harrison County. Most of them submitted by Country Lawyer William S. Haviland. I think the world of him and am very glad that I am his relative but if TV were around back then, he would have one of those “call me now” commercials that they show during Jerry Springer.

An excerpt from “The Current Encyclopedia A Monthly Record Of Human Progress”, printed July 15, 1901, Volume 1, Number 1:
War of 1812.— The first law granting pension for service in the war of 1812 was passed February 14, 1871, fifty-six years after the close of the war. This act required sixty days service, and widows were not entitled, unless they were married to soldier or sailor prior to the treaty of peace, February 17, 1815.”

Soldiers that I found:

Bruce, John

Goodnight, George

Eckler, John

Harris, William

Boyd, Andrew

Goodnight, Michael

Buoy, John

Hays, George

Adams, John

Day, John M.

Furnish, William

Conyers, John

Bean, Joshua

Coleman, Covington

Curry, James R

Fowler, William R

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