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Mount Washington Renamed Oddville

The first house in Oddville was built in 1799. The house is built of logs. In 1850 it was weather boarded and an upstairs added.

The first store was built in upper Oddville in 1849. In 1850, it was named Mt. Washington and was granted a post office; but as there was another Mt. Washington in Kentucky, the name had to be changed. The Rev. J.C. Crow, son-in-law of Josiah Whitaker, gave it the name Oddville because it was each an odd little village.

In 1860 the pike was built from Oddville to Cynthiana. The store was sold in 1862 and another store was built on the opposite corner, which was torn down to make way for a school ground.

The first church was built of logs in the valley near the Ewing place.

In later years, the Whitakers gave ground for cemetery, church and schoolhouse. The site of the church was the same as at the present time.

The first school house near here was built of logs. The next school was built is the church yard.

In the early 60s there was a wagon shop, two blacksmith shops, cabinet makers shop, a saw mill, grist mill, lime pit and a coal pit.

The coffin maker was also the cabinet maker and the furniture maker.

At one time there was a doctor, a preacher, a church, a high school building, a blacksmith shop and that was all.

Over the years there have been a tobacco market, wool and stock market.

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