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Murder Trial

Imagine that you are in a public place. Several of your business associates and you are talking about the day’s proceedings. Then one of them calls you a “damned liar.” What do you do?

In February 3, 1926, Robert Ogle Haviland shot Joseph William Arnold with a pistol. Then walked to the Sheriff’s Office and turned the gun in and said “I shot Blackie Arnold.”

Arnold was born April 16, 1868, to Charles Arnold and Mary Catherine Carr. Joe was a Tobacco Buyer in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Burial was in Sunrise Cemetery on February 6, 1926.

Presented are the newspaper articles that I know of that covered the trial. Robert O. Haviland was indicted in February 1926 and brought to trial in March of the same year. The first trial ended with no decision and docketed for June. In that trial he was acquitted.

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