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Sep 08 2014

Kentucky Superstitions – Full Moon

In honor of this week’s “Super Moon,” here are a few Kentucky Superstitions. “To prevent toothache, make a wish by the full moon” “If you plant your seed in the full moon, you will have bad luck.” “Plant root vegetables in the dark of the moon, vegetables for leaves (as cabbage and lettuce) in the …

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Sep 07 2014

W. S. Haviland has a Telephone Installed

1896 June 10 “Telephone put in by John McDonnell. It belongs to the combine, Bishop, Collier, Evans, and McDonnell but to remain in 3 years and they keep it in working order. (But it did not work) Telephone commences working about 3 1/2 oclock P.M., June 11th, 1896.” Source: “Journal S, William S. Haviland”, page …

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Aug 25 2014

No to New County

Did You Know… If Benjamin Harrison had his way, Harrison County would not have been formed. He and his fellow Bourbon Countians did not want the county split. That would be one large county! 1788 – Benjamin Harrison signed a petition to the Speaker and the Gentlemen of the House of Delegates of Virginia – …

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Aug 24 2014

The Eagle Tavern menu in Cynthiana

“At the Eagle Tavern in Cynthiana, in 1795, the tavern rates were: For a dinner, one shilling and threepence; a breakfast and supper, each one shilling; for a bed each night, sixpence; lodging in clean sheets, sixpence; for whisky by the half-pint, eightpence; for stableage and hay for one horse for twenty-four hours, one shilling; …

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